Actionable Insights
for Urban Ecosystems

Monitoring and Governance of Cities and Urban Missions
Smart Cities are sensing ecosystems where different city functions and processes use real time information capture and data analytics to improve city service delivery and quality of life of citizens.

Gaia provides technology solutions to sense, measure, aggregate, monitor, and analyze city information through smart metering, city sensor network and platform, and e-governance solutions.

Water is poised to become the most precious resource of the 21st century. Water distribution and management faces many challenges including losses, leakage, and wasteful consumption.

Gaia Smart Metering solution enables cities, water distribution authorities, buildings, and consumers to measure, monitor, and manage water usage.

End to End Measurement
Management of Water Consumption

AMI Automated Metering
Infrastructure - Features

Remote Real Time Data

Water Consumption

Real Time Analytics

Water Consumption

End to End Connectivity

LPWAN enablement
with backhaul

Managed Services

Comprehensive ICT Service
& SMaaS Platform

AMI Automated Metering
Infrastructure - Benefits

Consumption Data

Meter Wise
consumption data

Usage Dashboards

Data Analytics, Reports,
Dashboard and App

Business Systems Stack

OSS/BSS Suite &
Integrate Consumer Portal

Leakage Monitoring

Identify leaks and waste
Raise instant alerts

Smart Water
Metering Credentials

Electronics City Bengaluru
  • Successful One-Year Pilot
  • LoRa Based Water Metering
  • Water Management Platform
  • Connected with public LoRa LPWAN network
  • Integration with Tata Com and HPE platforms

Delhi Jal Board
  • Successful Three-Month Pilot
  • LoRa Based Water Metering
  • LoRa LPWAN Network
  • Water Management Platform

Extend SmartFeedback insights platform for multi-meter, multi-site, multi-parameter data aggregation, analytics, and reporting for smart gas metering and distribution transformer monitoring.

Provide real time and historical reports on metering data. Track disruptions and unusual usage patterns. Enable rules based action engine for real time alarms and escalations on misuse, loss, leakage, or breakage. Automate analytics and reporting of business and consumer facing KPIs. Link to client customer management and billing systems.

Managing Insights for Smart Utilities Metering