10 Feb 2022

State of the Art Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) supports various integrations and is being use for multi-purpose in managing and administering the city

9 Dec 2021

ASmart Construction: Building Value through Interconnected Intelligence

1 Dec 2021

Gaia awarded the contract for managing the platform for Waste-to-Wealth information systems for Invest India

1 Nov 2021

Gaia partners with SolapurSmartCity as the project management consultant

1 Jul 2021

Agra Smart City wins the ISAC Awards 2020 awards for #1 city in Round 2 cities and #2 for Economy related initiatives for the Micro Skills Development Center.

1 May 2021

Gaia's SmartFeedback solution for citizen feedback and e-governance featured in the UN United Smart Sustainable Cities publication

29 Jan 2021

The tipping point in digital AI-led operations

20 Nov 2020

How Indian Railways Uses AI: A Comprehensive Case Study

30 Oct 2020

The Right Blend of AI , IoT in Making Smarter Cities

29 Oct 2020

Futureproofing Smart Cities

5 Oct 2020/p>

Accelerating technology and digitalisation post covid-19

1 Oct 2020

Operational Technology, IoT have become More Critical than Ever | Amrita Chowdhury

1 Oct 2020

Podcast Interview with Amrita Chowdhury | Director and Co-founder, GAIA, a provider of AI + IOT SaaS solutions

20 Aug 2020

This AI + IoT SaaS solutions startup has repurposed its existing tech to suit COVID-19 times

24 Aug 2020

"There has been development in how technology can help in space and facilities management." - Amrita Chowdhury, Gaia

14 Aug 2020

Hospitals and healthcare providers need to consider longer term efficiency impact: Gaia

12 Aug 2020

COVID-19 may fundamentally challenge the culture of organisations

12 Aug 2020

Digital transformation in real estate remains crucial post the COVID-19

06 Aug 2020

"Agra smart city launches app for time-bound redressal of water supply complaints"

31 July 2020

Managing facilities better in a social distancing world

24 July 2020

Digital healthcare comes to rescue of patients during COVID-19

24 July 2020

How GAIA’s interconnected healthcare model helps in efficiency, quality and productivity during COVID times

14 Apr 2020

How to build Agra-cities

18 July 2020

Gaia Empowering Urban Governance Through Advanced Technology: Dr Sumit Chowdhury

06 July 2020

Covid-19 is Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

06 July 2020

Workforce Management strategies that put Customer Experience and Customer Safety first during COVID-19

03 June 2020

How Smart Cities are Contributing to India’s Fight against COVID-19

29 May 2020

India’s smart cities playing big role in technology led battle against COVID-19, says GlobalData

29 Apr 2020

Tech and COVID-19: Smart Cities solutions to fight the pandemic

25 Apr 2020

COVID-19: How technology played a role in Agra’s acclaimed cluster containment strategy

24 Apr 2020

Health And Sanitation As The Key Differentiator In Facilities Management

14 Apr 2020

How to build Agra-cities

11 Apr 2020

Agra containment model: How this UP district is fighting to stop spread of coronavirus

10 Apr 2020

Covid-19 outbreak provides an opportunity for smart cities to deliver again

03 Apr 2020

Microsoft powers IoT company Gaia in the fight against coronavirus

31 Mar 2020

UP: Click on weblink to get veggies, groceries delivered at  ..

22 May 2019

STMicroelectronics Collaborates with Gaia to Advance ‘Clean India’ Mission

1st August 2018

Startups need to focus on getting real clients, real revenues: Amrita Chowdhury, Director of Gaia

2nd January 2017

Gaia Smart Cities: Innovative, Smart Solutions

25th November 2016

Big data, as we know it, is passe: Sumit Datta Chowdhury, Gaia Smart Cities

15th November 2016

Gaia Smart Cities is a combination of IT, Electronics and Telecommunications company

1st August 2016

Angels Devang Mehta And Sandeep Shetty Back IoT marketplace Gaia Smart Cities

13th June 2016

Gaia Smart Cities acquires IoT Division of netCORE Solutions

12th June 2016

Gaia Smart Cities acquires Netcore's Internet of Things business in equity deal

5th April 2016

Gaia Smart Cities to raise up to $20 million for expansion

7th March 2016

Former Reliance Jio exec's venture to deploy Smart City networks in India

7th February 2015

High-profile exits: Now, Reliance Jio Infocomm president Sumit D Chowdhury quits

1st March 2016

Post Budget 2016 reaction by Dr. Sumit Chowdhury, the Founder & CEO of Gaia Smart Cities

8th September 2016

“I want to become a Serial Entrepreneur”

7th March 2016

Gaia smart cities, stream sign agreement for 'Smart Cities Network'

29th February 2016

This is a work in progress budget with focus on pure fundamentals: Former Reliance Jio executive Sumit Chowdhury